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Valleybridge Road Clacton on Sea CO15 4AD
Sheet Metal Work

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About A & R Engineering Ltd

A summary of Engineering Capabilities and information about A&R Engineering Ltd.

A & R Engineering Ltd. are quality sheet metal engineers and lighting louvre manufacturers based in Clacton-on-Sea in Essex. With over twenty years experience in metal fabrications we have a growing extensive client base that encompasses a wide range of services and industries alike. We are proud to offer the highest quality British manufactured products with the aim to always exceed our clients’ expectations. We are always pleased to lead on from preliminary ideas offering innovative and traditional solutions alike.

We can offer a logical series of services from initial design consultation through to final product delivery, that are competitively priced and tailored to suit every products individual requirements. Thanks to our extensive range of machinery and tooling, much of which is custom, we are able to manufacture from materials including mild steel, zintec steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel and aluminium in thicknesses between 0.3mm up to 5 or 6mm.

There are no real limits to what can be produced we just need to find the best and most competitive method to achieve the most cost effective outcome. Typically our work includes:

· IP rated electrical enclosures;
· storage boxes;
· custom cabinets;
· brackets;
· fixing systems;
· large agricultural grain storage/handling systems;
· point of display advertising;
· signage;
· computer charging cabinets;
· PC security cages and solutions;
· lighting fittings – traditional and LED;
· lighting reflectors – traditional and LED;
· lighting louvres – traditional and LED;
and a whole range of associated sheet metal products.

We also have in house decoiling facilities so that lighting louvers and reflectors or batch run brackets can be semi-automatically processed quickly and efficiently. The following is a summary of our many capabilities and services whilst the attached pictures show some of our latest equipment and some old heavy duty favourites.

Design & Development.

Working closely with and for our clients allows us to gain an understanding their exact requirements. We will discuss any project and together look to come up with the most suitable solutions to any manufacturing problem. We are happy to comment on any ideas and always offer realistic solutions and advice; we can also match or adapt existing working samples as required. Our designers operate using Solidworks drawing software, this programme allows us to generate in real scale detail in a virtual 3D world. One of the biggest advantages gained when using Solidworks is that in many cases it is no longer necessary to produce prototypes and/or pre-production models, which on smaller projects can save considerable time and money. Of course where prototypes are required they can also be manufactured very quickly with the aid of Solidworks programming. In all cases we can provide drawings for approval either in traditional 2D or Solidworks format for viewing prior to manufacture.

Precision CAD/CAM punching.

By using our Weidemann and Nisshinbo turret press arrangements we are able to complete extremely complex designs and patterns in a variety of materials and thicknesses with sheet sizes up to 1500mm wide by 3000mm long. Each turret press is controlled by powerful computer CAD/CAM software that allows maximum flexibility and efficiency at speed. We hold in stock an extensive range of standard and specialised tooling that will often mean that there will be no tooling costs associated with the production of new or custom parts. We are also able to produce custom tooling that can really make your product stand out from the crowd. There are of course some occasions where standard tooling is not suitable for the application or when custom tooling may not be a sensible option, in this instance we can work closely with our approved and trusted laser cutting company to achieve results.


Shearing can be carried out on one of our turret presses or on our Baykal guillotine. The advantage of the guillotine is that a clean straight line can be cut very quickly and efficiently. Out guillotine has the capability of cutting up to 3m lengths with a mild steel thickness up to 6mm, stainless steel up to 4mm.

Precision CNC folding.

Our factory houses a range of CNC press brakes. In keeping with the shearing and punching capacities our largest Baykal press brakes are capable of bending 3m lengths of various materials in various thicknesses. Our Baykal press brakes have a bending force of 120tons each. One of these units also has a mechanical lifting platform that assists our operators when working with large or heavy components. This platform performs the operation of lifting the sheet during the bend, taking significant strain away from the operator. Each press brake has its own speciality within the factory but by having a range of machines and tooling we are able to be flexible with our approach offering quick turnaround when it’s most needed.


Presswork up to 150tons can be carried out. We have power presses rated at 12tons, 50tons, 63tons, 120tons & 150tons. Each presswork project requires dedicated tooling which can be discussed and then designed in house to match the application. Various multistage and progression tools can also be used and in the case of large batch runs can be a very cost effective method of production.

Automatic lighting louvre component production lines.

In addition to our heavy duty sheet metal working equipment we also have dedicated and bespoke lighting louvre production machines. These machines are either part or fully self-automated and in some cases product enters one end as plain coil and comes off the end of the machine as finished product. Of course the advantage gained by self-automation is high quantity at low cost. The custom tooling is also highly adjustable, therefore we are able to produce quite bespoke and specific parts.


We have both manual and automatic rolling facilities. We are able to roll thickness up to approximately 1mm, however using press brakes a faceted curve can be created in much thicker materials. Our automatic pyramid roller works using three self adjusting rollers that allows us to form complex curves that come into their own within the lighting industry. Our lighting reflectors are a good example of a rolled product where thin polished or anodised aluminium is formed into tight or gentle curves to reflect light at predetermined angles.


We offer MIG, TIG and spot welding services. We are able to weld mild steel, zintec, stainless steel and some aluminium. Subject to the required material finish we can clean off, dress and prepare as required. Stainless steel will be treated using our electrochemical weld cleaning machine, which is designed to remove post-weld discolouration in a safe and economical way and give a neat aesthetically pleasing finish whilst re-establishing the protection which is damaged during the welding process.

Studs, Bushes and Inserts.

We can offer an extensive range of inserts in different shapes, sizes, lengths and materials. Inserts range from studs, bushes, nuts, standoffs, pins and fasteners. Subject to the insert type we are able to offer self clinch, welded, stud weld and rivet nut style installation. We also offer cage nuts and rivets as well as plastic standard and bespoke inserts, couplers and joiners.

Broad range of finishing: Powder Coating, Anodising, Painting, Polishing

All our finishing work is sub-contracted to our carefully selected and trusted specialists. We are able to offer powder coating, wet painting, anodising/plating and manual or electro-polishing, in fact if you have a finish requirement we will do our best to meet your needs.


In some instances it may be beneficial to offer flat pack whist other times assembled items are required, this is especially true with lighting louvres. Where assembly is desired we are able to discuss your requirements and have the facilities to assemble as required. All assembly work can be packaged using our protective materials or meet with clients specific requirement possibly using branded packaging. We are happy to offer services of complete or partial assembly which can include sorting and packing fixings, instructions or other speciality items.


On all of our projects we can offer delivery/distribution. We deliver all over the UK and beyond, from parcel to pallets or bigger if required, of course we can also offer ex-works for collection from our factory.

For more information or details of our products please visit our website www.arengineering.co.uk or online shop www.arengineering-onlineshop.co.uk Here you will find details regarding our bespoke sheet metal work projects as well as our stock items. In addition to this we are always adding to our machinery, tooling catalogue, process capability and product knowledge to ensure that our range and ability keeps on growing.

Should you have any questions or a project you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to give us a call at:

A & R Engineering Ltd.,
Valleybridge Road,
Essex. CO15 4AD. UK.

Tel: 01255 434261 Fax: 01255 427743

Email: sales@arengineering.co.uk

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