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About Clenzoil Europe Ltd

Clenzoil was originally launched in 1948 with only a couple of primary oil and lubrication products, however since then and our initial reorganisation, many new products have been introduced and have become available covering a multitude of industry segments such as:

:- Field & Range
:- Industrial
:- Machine & Tool
:- Cycle & Sprocket
:- Marine & Tackle
:- Military & Law Enforcement
:- Farm & Garden
:- Commercial Vehicle & Transportation

This is not to be considered an all-inclusive list when it comes to the multitude of uses for Clenzoil as far more uses exist in the practical application of this amazing product than can be categorised under any single heading.

Almost daily, Clenzoil receives letters, emails, phone calls or post cards from converts to Clenzoil telling of the numerous uses that were never imagined for this green elixir – uses that have sometimes even amazed our engineers.
For over 62+ years Clenzoil has been one of the best kept secrets in many industries. Clenzoil is not a “me too” type of product, not a “new and improved,” or “latest and greatest” — Clenzoil is a “tried and true” product, tested in every US involved war and conflict since WWII. It has proven itself in every environmental condition and geographical location the US has sent a soldier to.This is not a product that has proven itself in the laboratory only to find out (what so many military personnel can attest to regarding amazing claims by other products) that it fails in the field.


Clenzoil Solution      £11.49
Clenzoil Foaming Aerosol      £11.95
Clenzoil Hinge Pin Jelly      £8.49
Clenzoil One Step Patch Kit      £9.95
Clenzoil Lambs Wool Applicator      £8.49
Clenzoil Pistol Sack Up      £12.95

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