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The MySheriff brand has been created to become synonymous with quality life long free advertising for your business. There is simply no cost and no catch and we do not pass your personal data on to third parties. Our only aim is to encourage people to improve their business using our unique free advertising tools.

The concept is simple: businesses give us quality content, for our users who use our web pages, by filling in their profile details and in return we give businesses the free advertising tools they need to communicate their products and services effectively to their target audience.

Businesses who publish quality content will be placed above those who choose not to. Quality content includes filling in information about your business and services. Also quality content involves seeking to gain reviews no matter if negative or positive. All reviews are published to help your business adapt and grow and those that actively seek them will gain the highest listings across their category and location.

We also offer a host of free tools for Users wishing to leave reviews and meet local people online who share similar tastes.

We hope you enjoy your experience on our website and we would love to hear from you with anything you think may improve us. You can do this by clicking the 'Rate Us' section in the footer below.

The MySheriff Team.


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  • thanks for this free service and was so easy to use thanks again

    Positive Feedbacks left by david mather on 03 May 2012
    Response to david mather

    Free is what we do !

    left by on 03 May 2012
  • Thanks, so far so good, hopefully this will give us more exposure..... ( watch this space ) Elevate Driving School

    Positive Feedbacks left by Julian McDonald on 30 Mar 2012
    Response to Julian McDonald

    Im sure it will any exposure is good as long as its free!

    left by on 30 Mar 2012
  • Information is YEARS out of date. I note you claim that '... businesses give us quality content ...'! Oh yeah? So why is it so WRONG then? You also boldly claim '... we do not pass your personal data on to third parties ...'! Oh yeah? So why have you published my PERSONAL address and phone number, without any reference to me whatsoever. You have passed my details on the the WHOLE FLAMING WORLD!!!! Thanks to you muppets, I am now being bombarded with crank calls, and sales monkeys. Cheers (NOT!). If you must publish 'information', for heavens sake CHECK it first. Pretty please. If you did that one very small tiny little thing ... to actually CHECK the quality of your data, then your 'information site' might become something worth talking about. But until you do, it will remain utter junk, and without point or purpose. And a complete waste of space.

    Neutral Feedbacks left by Don Gordon on 05 Mar 2012
    Response to Don Gordon

    Hi Don, thank you for your feedback. If you had looked through the site properly you will see that you are able to remove unwanted data yourself using the wrong details form on the profile page. This would have solved your problem before your rating. If you do not understand how to do this pls contact me on and I will remove it for you. When we say we dont pass on your data to third parties we mean when you register we do not hand your personal email address and data to companies who pursue you for sales. Please update your rating to neutral or positive. max

    left by on 05 Mar 2012
  • Excellent place to get your business noticed and very easy to complete the sign up process.

    Positive Feedbacks left by Eddie Lopez on 25 Feb 2012
    Response to Eddie Lopez

    Thank you very much!

    left by on 25 Feb 2012
  • would just like to say thank you for your free service

    Positive Feedbacks left by glen melrose on 26 Jan 2012
    Response to glen melrose

    It is our pleasure please enjoy!

    left by on 26 Jan 2012
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