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PdePages.com is the website of returning author Peter de Pradines. For the last few years he's been beavering away on his latest work Deception for Power and Profit. The ground-breaking and revealing work is spread over three volumes with Book 1 being set for release at the end of November 2018, Book 2 by the end of the year and Book 3 early in 2019. These will be in digital format but in the spring the whole door-stopper of a book will be published in both paperback and hardback.

What’s it about” Well, maybe you think you’re up-to-speed? You’re quietly confident you know what’s going on, all around you, every day? Hmm, almost certainly you are much mistaken. Are you ready for some big surprises? Here’s a couple to get you started:

You don’t live in a democracy…
That money in your bank account is not legally yours…
+ 50 others – all designed to lead you along by the nose…

We live in murky times. Sure, the average person has long suspected they may not be entirely aware of the world’s wilier workings. But today’s corporate-controlled arena is far more contrived and insidiously deceptive than you may suspect. Maybe it’s time to wake up.

Clearly, precious little is plain and simple lies. Rather, we are beset with subtle spin, sly half-truths and redacted, unpalatable deals. The unethical and unacceptable are routinely given a quick indecent burial. Profitable ignorance is cultivated and fostered so those at the helm can continue to thrive and prosper from ubiquitous apathy and innocence.

Deception for Power and Profit seeks to level the playing field. It deciphers the tangled enigmas of modern life. If you’ve ever wondered how gerrymandering undermines our so-called democracies, how financiers and banks leverage power and politics, what toxic tricks and tactics are shared by both organized religion and multinationals, why fake news is so readily accepted, or what on earth Tweedism may be, Deception for Power and Profit has it covered.


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