UK Productivity Rise A Boost For SME’s

The latest figures showing a rise in UK productivity is a great shot in the arm for UK SME businesses and down to sound long term investment strategies according to Max Wallace Managing Director of UK Business Directory


A recent survey conducted by the Free Business Advertising website suggests that although manufacturers might be feeling a squeeze UK business confidence in general is high and improved productivity shows that, Max Wallace explains: “If your economy is increasing productivity it means businesses are investing long term in things that make their business more efficient and that means better more stable prices for consumers.”


He added: “Since the election we have seen a confidence return to the SME business sector and our surveys suggest SME’s are investing for the long haul and this will only continue to boost productivity”.

UK Interest Rate Rise On Hold Good For SME’s

The latest news from the Bank of England showing a rate rise in the UK to be unlikely until early 2017 is welcome news for UK SME businesses according to Max Wallace Managing Director of UK Business Directory


A survey of SME business owners, conducted by the Free Business Advertising website, suggests Start-ups and Entrepreneurs are happy to hear that rates wont rise for at least another year, Max Wallace explains: “If access to lending is cheap and affordable this can only be good for SME’s as any reduction in overheads is welcome news.”


He added: “SME start-ups have been under a lot of pressure recently from price deflation, competition and a generally tough economic outlook with woes in the Eurozone and China particularly so this news allows more confidence in the sector”.

UK Suffering From ‘Vocation Snobbery’

A recent survey of SME businesses by Business Directory found that without controversial foreign labour the UK SME sector could grind to a halt, reversing the current trend of UK growth outpacing the Eurozone.

The survey to SME business owners asked them to list the most crucial topic to them, which they think could harm their potential business growth. On top was not being able to access good hardworking foreign labour.

Max Wallace Managing Director of concluded, “It seems UK workers just don’t want to do certain jobs and the worry for SME owners, like the ones who use our Free Advertising services, is that with immigration coming high on the election agenda will the bickering and arguing cause harm to their business?”

He added, “The UK workforce seems to be suffering from a bout of ‘Vocation Snobbery’ and the only quick way to fix this is for Electricians and Plumbers to get workers from overseas to fill the posts.”

Women helping fuel UK GDP growth with entrepreneurial Boom

The number of women in the UK choosing to set up their own business has doubled in the last 6 years according to latest figures from UK Business Directory

Since 2009 the number of women going it alone has increased more than two fold and not just in traditional sectors like Cleaners and Hairdressers but also the more male dominated sectors of Software development and Website Design which saw increases of 15% and 18% respectively.

‘This new data shows that modern woman is responding to the challenges of the 21st century by being ever more creative and entrepreneurial’ said Max Wallace Managing Director of, adding ‘That while the numbers of new businesses being added were still proportionally higher for men that the new figures signal a turning point for women whilst contributing towards positive UK GDP growth.’

Current Recession In UK Playing Into Hands Of Free Online Advertising

The current recession in the UK for the last quarter of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012 will be somber news for all businesses big and small across the UK. However there are always winners and losers when a recession bites. Free business directories like MySheriff are offering a risk free safe haven for SME businesses.

SME’s (Small to Medium Enterprises) are the hardest hit businesses in a recession and they are scrambling for ways to find exposure with little or no cost attached. The internet is offering many places that advertise businesses for free but many come with a catch like costs for upgrading or passing on your details to sales organizations. However sites like MySheriff just offer no questions asked free advertising with no hidden catches to help boost your business turnover in these tough times.

MySheriff hopes this will help aide an economic recovery stating “If all businesses have the ability to advertise for free then this will help boost a businesses ability to survive this recession and help the economy at large recover” said Max Wallace Managing Director of MySheriff.