UK Suffering From ‘Vocation Snobbery’

A recent survey of SME businesses by Business Directory found that without controversial foreign labour the UK SME sector could grind to a halt, reversing the current trend of UK growth outpacing the Eurozone.

The survey to SME business owners asked them to list the most crucial topic to them, which they think could harm their potential business growth. On top was not being able to access good hardworking foreign labour.

Max Wallace Managing Director of concluded, “It seems UK workers just don’t want to do certain jobs and the worry for SME owners, like the ones who use our Free Advertising services, is that with immigration coming high on the election agenda will the bickering and arguing cause harm to their business?”

He added, “The UK workforce seems to be suffering from a bout of ‘Vocation Snobbery’ and the only quick way to fix this is for Electricians and Plumbers to get workers from overseas to fill the posts.”