UK Productivity Rise A Boost For SME’s

The latest figures showing a rise in UK productivity is a great shot in the arm for UK SME businesses and down to sound long term investment strategies according to Max Wallace Managing Director of UK Business Directory


A recent survey conducted by the Free Business Advertising website suggests that although manufacturers might be feeling a squeeze UK business confidence in general is high and improved productivity shows that, Max Wallace explains: “If your economy is increasing productivity it means businesses are investing long term in things that make their business more efficient and that means better more stable prices for consumers.”


He added: “Since the election we have seen a confidence return to the SME business sector and our surveys suggest SME’s are investing for the long haul and this will only continue to boost productivity”.

UK Interest Rate Rise On Hold Good For SME’s

The latest news from the Bank of England showing a rate rise in the UK to be unlikely until early 2017 is welcome news for UK SME businesses according to Max Wallace Managing Director of UK Business Directory


A survey of SME business owners, conducted by the Free Business Advertising website, suggests Start-ups and Entrepreneurs are happy to hear that rates wont rise for at least another year, Max Wallace explains: “If access to lending is cheap and affordable this can only be good for SME’s as any reduction in overheads is welcome news.”


He added: “SME start-ups have been under a lot of pressure recently from price deflation, competition and a generally tough economic outlook with woes in the Eurozone and China particularly so this news allows more confidence in the sector”.